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More than half of parents in the UK do not have a Will!

Why is it that so many mothers and fathers do not have the correct legal documents to take care of their children when they are no longer here?

Well it’s not from a lack of concern or care. Far from it.

The act of making a Will can be upsetting. No parent wants to think about a time when they will not be around to look after their children.

Parents are often pressed for time; between work, commuting, household responsibilities, being ‘present’ with your children, squeezing in time for loved ones (and yourself!), it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day, so “making a Will” continues to sit on the to do list for lack of time.

It can also be scary to think about making a Will if you come from a culture that considers the subject of death taboo.

It all adds up.


Making a Will is a chance for you to leave clear instructions about who you would want to look after your children while they were under 18, if you were to die and making sure the people you love, inherit your property, money and possessions.

Whether you are single, married or living with your partner and raising kids, making a Will is a crucial step in protecting your children and the life that you have built for them.

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